Dirty Little Secrets

Axe's Weapons of Mass Seduction are a powerful tool in the pursuit of female loveliness. AXE Men know that beneath the angelic facade of even the most mild-mannered beauty, is a sex-goddess ready to rock your world in ways that would make a sailor blush. Here at The Mansion, we salute the inner vixen. Bringing her out is what being an AXE Man is all about.

So ladies, we want to hear about the times you turned from nice to naughty - the best Dirty Little Secret of the month wins R2500 cash.

Email your stories, mild to wild, through to lotsaladies@axe-effect.co.za and we'll post the stories (anonymously) below.

Sexy Slumber Party

I’ve always had a bit of a costume fetish and have collected wigs from my late teens. It’s hard to find decent and sexy fancy dress costumes to satisfy my inner role-playing desires, so I have commissioned a designer to make me anything I want within a week of placing my order.

My wardrobe has a little bit of everything in it, Catwoman, Super Girl, Tomb Raider, Wonder Woman, French maids (several of these as they are a lot of fun during sex having all the props you can play with and my hubby loves the whole idea of a sexy woman cleaning house!), cowboy chaps, nurses, eskimos, fairy tale characters, some x-rated dominatrix outfits (without the actual S&M though) and a few other random ones I have picked up along the way. Needless to say ALL my friends raid my cupboard when it comes to a fancy dress.

Most of my friends are still single and one night we had had a little girls get together round at our place whilst my hubby was away for a surfing trip. We decided a revival of our teenage slumber party would go down well. There were about 7 of us and the evening started off tame with the usual munching on snacks, gossiping and sharing bottles of wine. However once the patron and caramel vodka was hauled out, it was only a short while before we were all in the costume room dressing up and acting as the characters we were dressed up in.

All it took was a little tickle from the feather duster from a friend dressed in a French maid outfit and one thing led to another and we got the kinky idea to see who kissed the best. Each of us took turns kissing each other. The deal was that we had a minute to try prove how good a kisser we were and we weren’t just graded on the actual mouth technique but also how into it our kissing partner got as well as how intimate we got during kissing, ie what we did with our hands and how comfortable we were doing it. Let’s face it, kissing is meant to evoke certain feelings!

It was bizarre to see how each friend lived up to their character they were dressed as. For example Wonder Woman seemed to be the most in charge, the French maids were the most flirty and playful and the Catwoman was the most naughty. I guess it doesn’t matter who you are but depends rather on the disguise you are wearing. You really can become who you want to be at the end of the day. In the end, the winner was a tie between one of the French maids and the Catwoman. It was so much fun! I told the husband what we got up to whilst he was away and he was so turned on that I got some great welcome home nookie out of it all too.


Nookie for dinner

I have heard that the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Which is exactly how I intended to lure him into a loving mood this last Valentines. I saw no harm in doing a little home cooking for my man with a few terms and conditions. In order to get some TLC out of it; I’d cook in the nude. Well not entirely but in a cheeky little peak-a-boo bum-less apron. 

I had seen it in an up market sensual boutique during Valentines and it was a perfect little red riding hood gingham check with a frilly white lace trim.  It curves up just before the bum so it shows it off perfectly.  Through making him some fine dining cuisine, my plan was to wow the pants off him (literally, so I could have a little piece of him as a starter!) 

Our starter consisted of oysters with a little bit of a bite and then for mains I thought a whole platter of finger foods would get us finger licking and intimate straight away. This consisted of various cheeses, biscuits, olives, smoked salmon, capers, mussels and pistachios. Lastly, I had planned chocolate mousse and some rich barone body paint for our dessert. This would give us Red Bull like energy to keep up with the intense workout I anticipated for the night.  I was inspired by the sushi-clad girls to strategically place the oysters on myself and then share in the feeding delight for each little nibble of our snacks.

As I slaved away in the kitchen I took pics of myself and sent them to him, nothing too raunchy as I wasn’t about to start my porn career in explicit photography but suggestive cleavage pics, inner thighs and back pics so he could get the full “effect” of the little apron.

When he got home, we took a long heated shower and nearly never made it to the starters! But I kept him hanging on and we indulged like a king and queen on my um… human platinum platter…it was so hard (excuse the pun) not to get carried away. It became more difficult for me as he nibbled on my neck and whispered naughty nothings into my ear, but like the art of tantric sex, holding out a little longer made it totally worthwhile.



Night Club Rendezvous

I have quite an active fantasy life, which can be both a blessing and a curse. Although I understand that fantasies are best left as such, a little part of me always wants to act them out in real life. Which is exactly what I did a few years ago.

I had been dating my boyfriend for a couple of years, and we were outwardly a really boring couple. At home the sex rocked and brought me shuddering to ecstasy every single time (a year of naive foreplay ensured we knew exactly what buttons to press), but gone were the giddy, passionate days of our relationship’s youth. I needed something exciting to spice things up and so I allowed my inner exhibitionist to dominate and created an experience still firmly in my fantasy re-play list!

There was a little dive in Durban at the time called Bonkers, and being the young students we were, we never missed Monday’s Student Night.  Bonkers was one of those places with quite a few dark corners and a section full of rustic tables and benches – the perfect scene for what I had planned for my shy boyfriend!

We had a few too many drinks as usual, and when I couldn’t stand not touching him any longer, I straddled him and gave him the most seductive kiss I had in ages. It took us right back to the passionate beginnings of our relationship. After whispering some raunchy seductions in his ear, I felt the response from him I was looking for. Soon kissing became a lot more!  I’ll leave the detail to your imagination, but lets just say thank goodness for the loud 90’s music and dark corner as we happily bopped along wildly with no-one around us being any the wiser! The combination of risk and excitement proved just the right mix, as it wasn’t long before our rendezvous came to its obvious conclusion.

Our outwardly boring exterior was anything but that night! But it’s still one of my favourite memories, when I brazenly took my fantasy right into reality!


Fitting Room Fling

So I’ve been with this guy for about 4 months and when we are together he just drives me mad!  Not mad in a bad way, but mad like I want to be adventurous and just go totally wild! When we go to clubs we have the biggest blast and we are the kind of couple that all our sour friends envy because we always have so much fun. I keep waiting for it to get boring but it never does!

Last weekend, under duress from me, he agreed to come with me to the mall. I had my eye on a certain dress and decided to try on some clothes, leaving him out the front to do that awkward guy waiting for girlfriend thing.  I needed another size and the shop assistant wasn’t around so I called for him to come into the change room to help. WELL … he came into the change room in more than one way…

It was so scary but so exciting at the same time! He pretended like he was asking me questions every now and again but meanwhile we were groping and touching each other in the biblical sense, trying to be quiet so we didn’t get caught having sex in the change room!

We had to do everything quite slowly to be quiet but luckily it wasn’t the busiest change room and we were right at the end so we didn’t have anyone patting our curtain!  I giggled, a couple of times but it was hard not to because it was so naughty.

Obviously it had to be a quickie because we didn’t want people asking if we were “stuck” or needed any help but when we finished we had to check each other out to make sure we looked totally normal and not as flustered as we felt. As we made our grand exit, unwanted clothing in hand the lady at the front stopped us on the way out and said “ excuse me sir… but your fly is down”. We shrieked with laughter, dropped all the stuff with her and briskly exited the store. I guess that will have to be something we double check next time we get ourselves into THAT position!


Curious! About my girl friend.

Guys seem to find my friends and I attractive but lately, I have been finding my girl friends more attractive than the guys! I’ve never been with another woman before and I’m not lesbian but I’m definitely curious! I have been fantasizing about one friend in particular when I need to get turned on. (Single girls still have needs!)

She resembles a beautiful porcelain doll, with pert lips, fair, flawless skin, midnight black hair and she has a perfect hourglass figure. I’m quite petite so I’ve always been jealous of her boobs. She’s a C-cup and looks great in any bra. Us girls always compare our bodies and I hope it’s not odd to admit but I can’t help staring at her cleavage whenever she has a low cut top on.

I guess what I am trying to say is, is it wrong for me to imagine myself in bed with her, this time using our mouths to do a lot more than catching up verbally. I keep having this fantasy about her…

I brush her long hair from her face and let my hand gently glide down her cheek till I get to her rosy, soft lips.  I stroke them. We stare into each other’s eyes as I bring my lips closer to hers, feeling her warm breath against my skin. I delay the first kiss, leave her waiting, wandering when it was going to happen and instead I let my hands slowly explore every curve of her body, whist we remain centimeters from kissing.

I feel her breathing quicken, as I slide the tips of my fingers along the lace trim of her bra, barely touching her breast as I brush past it.  Instead of the kiss, I rest my head in the curve of her neck, kissing it gently, I allow my hands to trickle down to her panties, then gently claw my way up her inner thigh, seducing her, all the while teasing myself at the same time.

I lean in for our first kiss.  It would be soft, a little tongue play as each kiss progresses to a more intense level. Her bra strap slips down and I decide to remove her bra entirely. It almost pops off exposing those breasts that I am so envious of. I just stare for a minute and then gently stroke her breast running my hands from the top and then all the way round to that crease line below ending but circling her nipples with my fingertips. It all gets very heated from there as we get so wrapped up in each other that it’s almost as though we become one person, a spectacular pulsating, passionate and aching unit. .

I wonder if she would ever want to take a detour off the path with me in reality? Her boyfriend has even given her permission before!  Is it a worth pursuing even just once or should I allow the fantasy to live on untainted inside me? 



Muso Girl

Bless me Axe for I have sinned....

I was overseas for work  with the boss and when we had to travel together he always made sure we did some socialising in the process. We called up a bunch of musos that we used to sponsor who were currently touring Europe and they were all too happy to oblige the owner of the brand that sponsored them so well back home. After all HE was paying for everything. 

The night started with a chilled drink with one of the guys(lets call him Michael) at the hotel. I thought, this is cool. Drinking in a foreign country with some fun guys and I had worked closely with Michael in the past.  All in all, it was a very positive vibe. We got word that the rest of the group could only meet up later so early evening drinks turned into dinner and then just when you think the night was coming to an end the real adventure began. At the restaurant, I kept bumping legs with Michael next to me(total accident).  I thought it was a little odd as he exchanged looks and glances with me each time.  My then naive little mind not picking up on what was actually chemistry. 

We headed back to the hotel and the boss decided the night was but a pup and we should take our partying elsewhere so he embellished a little, calling an exclusive club in the area stating that "blink 183"(note he used a different name-the club never realised it) was in town from New York and they did not want a big deal made about it but needed somewhere to let their hair down. Being a work trip, I had NO going out clothing, I dressed as best as I could and styled all the musos using my eyeliner etc and off we went to the club. 

Waiting outside to be let in, we held our breath as they checked us out and the one guy even pretended to have a mini tantrum about being kept waiting so long. I calmed him down reminding him how we wanted a discreet night out and to keep his mouth shut.  It was the perfect role playing game. I was the bands PR person and the boss was their manager and they were this kickass band. We were ushered in and then the drinks began to really flow, shooter after shooter, word spread through the club like wild fire that the notorious band was in town and so little hussies kept coming up and quizzing the guys to see if they were who they said they were. I would then step in being the most sober and totally cock-block them knowing one wrong word could get us kicked out. 

It was the most awesome evening but also the first and only time I would be brave enough to let my guard down the way I did. I think the tequila helped me along my way though. As quickly as it started, the night came to an abrupt end as one of the guys overheard bouncers in the bathroom stating that we were not who we said we were and we all dived (literally) into a cab and headed home. 

All but one of the musos stayed in the bosses room and Michael stayed in mine. I innocently thought maybe we would kiss a little and that would be it but in the adrenalin of our shared adventure it turned into an "all the way" kind of affair. I never do that kind of thing, it was the one and only time I had and will ever do it. I'm not saying it was right but then again some times you need to do the "wrong" things to feel truly alive. It was the coolest night ever from start to finish, but not the kind of story you share with your grandkids!


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