The Amazing Spider-Man

Less then ten years after the start of the last Spiderman trilogy, Marvel comics have commissioned a reboot of the series. This time around, it's based on the darker and edgier The Amazing Spiderman comic book series. If you've seen the last one then you'll probably think that this is a good thing. But once you've seen this trailer, we're sure you'll agree it's looking awesome. 

Tobey McGuire's Peter Parker has been replaced by The Social Network's Andrew Garfield, and Kirsten Dunst has been replaced with a blonde Emma Stone (Easy A), playing Gwen Stacy. The story line will be quite similar to the original, whilst it introduces the new character to audiences. This time around Peter Parker finds a clue that might help him understand why his parents disappeared when he was young. Watch the trailer now and see why we are excited that we’re finally going to get to watch Spiderman fight one of his greatest advisories, The Lizard.


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21 February 2012


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