The Return Of 'The D'!

The legend of 'The D' is one written in fables, as far back as 2001! They're not your typical rock stars, but having made a deal with the devil, they managed to rock arenas and festivals across the globe to no end… And as any audiophile will tell you these guys have talent…  but after the critical slating (what do they know) and box office flop of their movie, "The Pick Of Destiny" (it was awesome), Jack Black and Kyle Gass disbanded indefinitely…

We now present to you… the return of Tenacious D in "The Rize Of The Fenix"!

Having said that, let us stand back, and we'll let them drop a tasty lick or two to melt your faces with the power of rock!

Still not convinced? Check out their latest epic video, "Roadie".

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