A Tale Of Two Splashys...

Anybody who’s been to the Fen can tell you, there are two sides to Splashy. The raw, jol hard, beer tent, hard music till late, up all night approach and there’s the chilled, face painted, sun soaked, music lovers, chilling by the river/dam by day and rocking out to the likes of Gary Thomas or the epic Dan Patlansky shredding some face-melting licks by night.

We said: “Screw it!” We wanted it all, and we made a fair go at it too. In any case, nobody ever looks back on their lives and remembers the times they got enough sleep!

For those that CAN remember, there are an abundance of highlights. Musically, there’s was everything from the pitch perfect Zebra & Giraffe, Van Coke Cartel and Shadowclub through to up-incomers Phillip Moffet, Mr Cat & The Jackal and Veranda Panda. Not to mention the especially awesome P.H.Fat, tearing the main stage a new one, followed by Niskerone’s late night lesson in Drum and Bass ensuring it one for the ages, a definite Friday night to remember.

If you look at Splashy Fen as a whole, it’s quite overwhelming. With 3 stages, over 80 local and international artists, two beer tents, a giant 12-metre slide, a winding river and 3 nearby dams to contend with, there was plenty on offer to satiate even the most discerning pallet’s tastes.

As one person put it: “When I die, there’s going to be a whole lot of Splashy moments flashing before my eyes”. Well, if the Mayans were right and 2012 turns out to be our last, we’re sure Splashy Fen 2012 will feature heavily in those last moment. Not a bad way to go, we reckon…

At the very least, we can say we all went down fighting!

Photos by Gnarly Productions

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Mandy Singleton

HAAA.. Thats my coffee pot and fire! Wicked!

19 April 2012


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