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Levi Jeans Co and Nike Footwear have gotten together to produce an awesome new skate collection that we think they can really be proud of. From the 'Made In The USA' 511™ Team Edition jeans, to the Trucker Skateboarding Jacket, we'd say they nailed it…

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Nixon have just launched their latest collection, the all black, Black Crystal Collection! The new collection will be featured in the on The CamdenThe 42-20 TideThe SpurThe Monopoly and The Kensington ranges. We think you'll agree it's quite fresh…

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In the midst of winter, trends are getting ready to change. Here are the three biggest trends that are hitting the shelves right now. So get out your wallets and get ready to start purchasing for the hipster Olympics. It’s on.

Military Madness

Earthy colours like slate grey and shades of forest green are dominating swathes of leather and knitwear; bringing with it a wardrobe that would look fine either going to the shops for milk or climbing a mountain.
Tough work/military boots pop up again, so you can rejoice in the fact that your feet will be safe, warm and stylish for the foreseeable future. Make sure you pick up a hard-wearing leather pair in a classic colour such as black or brown, as these will never go out of style and if you opt for a mid-length or ankle cut boot you can even integrate them with the current tailored shorts and boots trend we are seeing this spring/summer.

To be honest, there’s nothing new so far that will make you go ‘Wowzers‘; sheepskin, suede and thick, thick scarves wrapped up will serve you incredibly well for another few months - so those that invested in aviator jackets, suede bomber jackets and oversized scarves within the last year will all be ahead of the game.

Preppy Perfection

Summer and Spring is full of casual tailoring; ready to be trussed up for fancy meals or dressed down for drunken braai’s. With a predominant focus on colours and Prep, men’s clothing, accessories and footwear have been available in every shade and hue imaginable – even pale pink is rearing it’s sexually confusing head again. Look out it will also be one of the main trends come in 2012.

Colourful sweaters and blinding jackets (in clashing colours) will be prominent, and when teamed with denim it will see you through until the rising of the sun in spring.

Try it out: A hoodie under a casual jacket teamed with tailored trousers screams Varsity student – especially with a great pair of navy suede brogues.

Office Owls

We all need to work. We can’t all bum around the beach, scoring big waves. For mere mortals, we have regular jobs that have regular hours. So what are the upcoming trends in the world of business?

Skinny suits begone because there is a new kid in town ready to make a show of you and your testicle baring ways! A much more relaxed fashion statement is going to sweep the nation, with carrot fit trousers and unstructured blazers leading the way, followed by battalions of pocket scarves and brightly coloured ties. Again, this all ties in very nicely with up and coming summer trends; unstructured blazers are very popular right now, and are going to prove a transitional item, whereas bold ties and pocket squares have rose to prominence over the past year or so and show no signs of slowing down. If you have already invested, then bravo sir.

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